What is Practicing Theology?

Practicing Theology is a resource dedicated to exploring different theological topics. This includes providing an in-depth examination of the many contemporary and historical theological discussions. In addition to this exploration, we may engage in various discussions of worldview, defending our theological positions against charges from competing worldviews.

Though Practicing Theology can primarily serve as a resource, my hope is that it participates within the framework of a larger ecumenical project that has long been a burden of my heart. It is my hope that by providing a clear explication of theological doctrines, we can begin to reduce the spirit of disunity that runs rampant in modern theology, especially in the online domain of these conversations.

This is not to say that clear laying out doctrines will dispel the differences. I’m confident, nearly certain, that these differences in theological convictions will remain in the body so long as we are on this side of heaven. I believe wholeheartedly that we can maintain a difference in theological conviction while fulfilling the biblical. mandate to be united. However, it is my belief that much of the disunity is a product of uncharitable rhetoric engagement with other brothers and sisters in Christ. My hope is that providing clarity will militate against the pride of division that rules in our hearts. Clarity may not be the only mechanism through which humility can be generated, however, it has certainly been the operative condition in reducing the spirit of disunity in my own heart.

About Me

I have a beautiful wife and three kids who continue to be a blessing to my life. I received my Master’s in Theological Studies in Fall 2021 and I am currently enrolled as an M.Div student at Shepherd’s Theological Seminary with an aspiration to go on for further education after this degree is completed. I currently serve as Sports Ministry Assistant Director for my church. I have titled my blog Praciting Theology because I see this as the primary intent of what I am doing here. As I complete my degree, I myself am practicing theology and I want to invite you into this process to learn alongside me. To the dismay of some, my goal is not to be declarative or proclamatory, but to have a mindset that is set on exploration.

You can contact us anytime at mark@practicingtheology.org.