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This statement of faith is an evolving document that will continue to grow, shape, and transform as the Word of God becomes clearer through thoughtful hermeneutics and reading from the many men and women who have dedicated their lives to representing God's revelation in its truest and most complete form. 

For this reason, we are always open to constructive criticism and assessment of our Statement of Faith. We want to be clear and transparent about what we believe as our theology is what drives our ministry and our application of God's word. Please note that commentary may not lead to adaptation. Though we will thoughtfully consider all the criticism that we receive, we have a duty to represent God's word in all of its truth and will not consider changes that apply improper or immoral hermeneutics, revolve around personal feelings or revelation, or neglect the entirety and collective nature of Scripture. Additionally, there will be many doctrines that are omitted from this list. This is done purposefully as addressing every doctrine would be cumbersome and difficult to sort through and many doctrines can be deduced from larger theological categories already presented. For example, our belief on homosexuality is not addressed as a stand alone doctrinal statement, however, in reading both the doctrine of sin as well as the doctrine of Christian living, you are able to deduce fairly easily what Endyo ministries believes about the sin of homosexuality. 

If you have comments, feedback, concerns, or believe we are out of step with our statement of faith or that we have omitted a necessary theological area, please send us a thoughtful, clear email at


We update and review our Statement of Faith regularly, at least annually. You can review details of these revisions by following this link here

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